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Technical Characteristics


« Your way of freedom » with STX Motorhomes

STX Motorhomes is a product of the Belgian Stephex group, undisputed market leader in the horsetruck construction sector. Thanks to more than 10 years of experience and over 700 trucks built, Stephex Horsetrucks has been able to use its know-how in order to develop a product with just as much luxury and quality but in a different sector: motorhomes.

All STX motorhomes models are developed, tested and built in the Stephex Spirit. Fluid lines, exceptional curves, attractive design, STX Motorhomes embodies audacity. Inspired, solid, sporting, enjoyable, your STX motorhome is your day-to-day companion.

An interior inspired by private jets and Nordic design, both bright and warm, equipped with modern technology. Between leather and carbon, added to the essences of precious woods, the noble and high-quality materials dominate the living spaces. The ultimate goal is to achieve a finish of the highest order.

Generous space, intelligent modularity, storage capacity, STX Motorhomes have it all. To go even further, depending on the choice of model, you can add up to 3 pop-outs. Made-to-measure to make your dreams come true!

It embodies and reinvents chic like no other vehicle.
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